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origin, vision and mission

“The most important thing in business is liquidity”

Capital funding is a worldwide platform, dedicated to provide investment/funding and many other services like company registration, audit work, Tax filing, web designing, sales and marketing solutions to both start up and developing companies, ALL UNDER ONE ROOF.

Under the capital funding umbrella of solutions, we also provide you various trending ideas and advice for enhancing your business. We offer our premiere service and expertise in worldwide. We take pride in creating strong partnerships and investing in our community. From providing creative ideas and financial investment to upholding the highest standards of client service, our team of experts is here to help you in navigating the financial transactions that drive your growth.


Capital funding was firstly started by " Mr. Rupesh Agarwal" in 2007. Its offices are located in Ahmedabad and Canada. In its previous domain, company used to provide funds to local private companies. In December, 2020 company sold it's all equity to Market Research Pvt Ltd. The pioneer of this company is "Mr. Abhishek Singh”, the work domain of this company is funding, consultant, software and trading.

In our new work domain Capital Funding, provide you investment and our professional team is always there to guide you with their outstanding strategy and bulletproof business plans.


Our mission is to create value for our customers, shareholders, employees and community. capital funding is an impact investment firm dedicated to build a financial system that ensures good businesses have sufficient affordable access to capital.


To provide standard services, to become a trusted funding partner for companies, optimize returns for the growth of the global economy.

Our Author

Mr. Abhishek Singh

Mr Abhishek Singh is an experienced corporate professional and has been successfully associated with education, construction, consultant, investment, and trading businesses. He is the Pioneer of the following companies.

  • Propterro Market Research India Pvt Ltd
  • Devanti Devi institutions Pvt ltd
  • Randsbarg management & consultant Pvt Ltd

He believes in moving fast and take speed as his habit, and his passion towards his profession can be clearly seen by his work and his extensive experience. Through, Capital Funding he has introduced a global platform which provide full-service financing from investing to advisory solutions all under one roof.